Founder and the First Chairman of the Trust

(Late) Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

First donor of the college

(Late) Shri Ratanshi Purushottam Anada

Main donor of the college

Shri Jayantibhai D. Patel (U.S.A)

According to the Hindu calender Guru Purnima is the day of worshipping the Gurus. According to the university and academic calender 15th June 1971 was the first day of a new term of the year. On such a pious and the very first day of the new term of B.Ed College, Ratansih Purushottam Anada college of Education was eatablished by the chief guest and the ‘Guru’ of the Late chairman Shree R.D.Patel inaugurating the Central Hall Swami Krupalu wrote the message on the blackboard: “CHARITRYA EJ JIVAN.” Since than the institution honnestly and strictly follows the message.


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Religion and education have been the two main bases of Indian society. The college was established with the generous donation of an educationist, a primary teacher educators and the principal of M.B.M.P.T.C. college, an educational publisher and an educational writer Late Shree Ratansih Purushottam Anada. Thus the institution is standing upon two strong founders. Shree chhotubhai Anada the son of Late Shree Ratansih and the proprietor of Anada Prakashan A’bad in memory of his father named the institution becoming the first donner.
R.P.Anada College of Education has two practicing school and two higher secondary section sin the campus. Besides this the surrounding schools of the Borsad taluka genuinely co-operate the college in practice teaching. Since its establishment the college had to shift in three various buildings according to increasing requirments. At present it has its own college, hostel and laboratory buildings. All credit for the development of the college goes to two lawy and dedicated trustes namely Shree R. D. Patel and Shree R. M. Patel as well as the first idealist principal Dr. Punambhai A. Patel and the third fund and grand raiser Dr.Nazirbhai Vora whose basic contributions spread the name and fame of the college.