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A school/college is a social enterprize established to prepare future citizens through socialization and moulding process. The learners first get something from the society directly and indirectly in the form of breadname,fame,fortune and so on. Later on it becomes an individuals’ committement that he should return something to the society from which he has received a lot . Shouldn’t the school/college or society expect returns for the processes they have done for a long duration for its member? The answer is : ‘ it should’. Then, let me say I have done a humble attempt to supply or fill in the ‘Sneh’ ( Oil or ghee) the lamp of education so that it may keep on lighting and take us all from tamaso ma jyoti gamaya. What ever I have done it is due to education and the ability I acquired after education. My success credit goes to my school/college that has made me Hero from Zero. I expect each one of you could do this if you are determined

Be, Dedicated to school/college

Optimistic in outlook.

New fellow of adventure. 

Ocean like man having.

General mind and heart.

Rare personality that trades a new path .